I have a confession I’m going to make right now… I can work through the first three stages of dating in a matter of a week.

I can go literally from meeting somebody, to having sex with them, to making them my girlfriend in less than a week.

I’m not saying that to boast. I’m just telling you that once you understand the three stages of dating a woman, you’ll be able to rapidly accelerate and have an amazing girlfriend. If you want her to be your girlfriend.

The first thing that I want to share is this:

  1. I’ve never had the talk. Never in my entire life have I ever had the talk that we are seeing each other, that we are going to be intimate together, that we are not seeing anybody else. I’ve never had the “you’re my girlfriend” talk. Not even in high school, or college, or in my 20s, 30s or 40s.

I have never had that talk. I’ve never had to sit down and have the exclusivity talk.

Why? Because of what you’re about to see in today’s video. You’ll understand exactly why you’ll never have to have this exclusivity talk. There’s no reason for it.

When I’m with somebody and we connect on a deeper level, it’s on. We both know it. She never even has to ask me if we’re exclusive. There’s that much confidence and that much connection and safety in the relationship.

  1. When you don’t have to have the talk, you don’t have to have the sex talk either.

You don’t have to ask each other whether you’re sleeping with anybody else, because of that feeling. You’ll watch and understand in today’s video. You’ll understand that this feeling that’s created between two people will take you from zero to the bedroom quickly and both of you will only want to be with each other.

You won’t have the questions, that awkward conversation about whether you’re sleeping with somebody else. You’re just going to be a couple and that’s how it works.

  1. You’ll find yourself a month into this relationship realizing that you’re pretty much in love.

The two of you are feeling the same thing for each other and you’re on the same page. It’s not going to be one person feeling more for somebody else. Both of you are going to be able to be with each other and feel secure, open, and have the relationship that you have both craved.

It’s unconventional the way I do it, because in today’s world we tend to over-analyze every move we make.stages of

We over-analyze everything because we want to put a label on something to feel secure. If you feel secure enough with yourself, she’s going to feel secure with you.

You need to watch this video today because it exposes the three stages of what you call the person you’re dating, and it will enable you to go through these stages so you’re able to have that great relationship you crave and desire.

You’ll be able to have a relationship with that special girl you’ve always wanted.

Check out today’s video, pass it along to your friends, and this year you’ll have a great girlfriend. You just need to follow this very simple advice.