Are you a Vinny Validator?

A lot of you are Vinny Validators and you don’t even know it. A lot of you walk around and constantly seek Vinny validation from your friends.  Think about the last date that you went on.

Did you call your friends ahead of time?

Did you tell them how hot the girl was?

Did your text catch your friends off guard, maybe he was at work and didn’t validate you.

How many of your friends asked for a picture (you probably gave her Facebook pics).

Did you feel upset when they didn’t make a comment she was smoking hot?

That means you’re a Vinny Validator.

In today’s video we’re going to go and show you what a Vinny Validator is. More importantly, I’m going to show you the one text to never send a woman.

How is your text game?

Do you realize that the majority of women now are sitting by their phones waiting for that great text to come in from a guy they met?  The problem is they’re constantly waiting.

Most guys suck at texting. Most of the guys that have taken one of my workshops have all sent this text to a woman.  The text I’m about to reveal in today’s video is the number one text that you never, ever send a woman. If you do, it erases any attraction she has for you. Whatever sexual intrigue she has.  Whatever interest she might have had in you and it gets flushed down the toilet.

This text is something so many guys do every day and don’t even realize it’s the reason they’re not connecting.  After you STOP sending this text, you’ll not only feel great but more importantly,  your dating life will explode.

Your text game will improve. Most importantly, the intrigue women feel around will escalate.

Check out the number one text to never send to a woman in this video now.