Do you want to know the sexiest text that you can ever send is?

There’s actually two of them.

And they’re far sexier than word on a screen.

They will create emotion far greater than the caveman-dwelling emoticons.

It’s the world’s most powerful smiley face you will ever send, and most importantly, it will literally connect you to somebody far faster than all the other people who are slowly massaging their screens. Who are endlessly texting, who have no idea that this secret, or as a matter of fact, these two secrets are so powerful that you literally can go to the top of the line, whoever you’re trying to date.

Now, it takes two things.

It takes you to bypass your iphone, the screen and hold down the little button that has a microphone, you then record your sexy voice telling that person how great it is to connect.

How much you’ve enjoyed meeting them.

How you want to take them out, sit across from them, and have dinner, and look into their eyes. You get the drift. You send a voice text. That’s right, a voice text.

Texting words on a screen is for the amateur. For the person who really wants to connect deeper, you allow someone hear your sexy voice. The ums and the ahs.

The excitement, the tonality of the voice.

That is what is super sexy.

They’ll actually feel you.

They’ll connect with you instantly.

And they’ll forget about all the other emoticon obsessed.

And they’ll concentrate on you.

That’s what dating is all about, romance. And this is romantic. They’ll actually probably keep the voice message from you, and if you don’t have an iphone, and you’re on the Android system, just do a voice memo, and attach it to the text.

And for those of you who are even more daring, secret number two is even sexier.

Send a video message.

Do it in front of something special, something that reminds them of you. Something you may have experienced together.

That way they can look, they can see, they can feel you, and they can connect to you. It is one of the greatest things to use, but most people don’t know that. Why? Because we’re lazy. We’ve because lazy when it comes down to connecting. We’ve become lazy and scared, and we don’t know what the other person is thinking, so we send a text and we hope, and we pray they get back. But if you really want to be with somebody, and really want to connect to them deeper, I strongly suggest you do a voice text.

Or you send them a video text. And you, my friend, will be the person that they remember and think about all day long. It creates powerful emotions in somebody. Try it out, see what happens.