You’ve heard it a thousand times: women are emotional messes. Relating to them is all about understanding exactly how emotional they are, and how you react is critical. Men speak a different language. There are millions of books written about the secret language of women.  Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus written by John Grey is one of the most recognized.

You can have a conversation with a guy, and it goes great, but you have the same conversation with a woman, it turns into this huge mess, fights and arguments. What is a man to do?

First off, in order to relate to women you need to relate to their emotional being.  Their emotional being is what drives them.  There’s a funny thing that somebody sent me a little while back- Men are like four boxes, and the boxes never touch.  Men will have one conversation, move to the next conversation, and the next, yet nothing will interfere with any of the signals that are going out.

Women don’t hold conversations like this. They have astounding memories and when they’re conversing everything is on the table. Something you said two years ago might come up. To you there may be no relevance, but to her it’s all relevant.

The other day I had a talk with this woman over business.  I tried to explain something to her and she told me there was a hole in my story. I said something 10 minutes before that contradicted what I was about to say.  She was wrong. She hadn’t allowed me to finish the sentence, but this is how women think. They analyze everything.

Women are highly emotional creatures. Those emotions make them intuitive. You need to understand exactly how to communicate with women on a daily basis if you’re going to have a successful relationship. The most successful relationship you’re going to have is one with yourself.  Once you authentically communicate with yourself you’re going to be able to authentically communicate with women.

You’re not going to be able to react to what they’re saying, and that’s the key. Today’s video is a playful one. It’s a little bit of a light-hearted video on a heavy-headed subject. It’s the secret to women’s emotions.