become a successful manI’m about to expose the real reason why we fail at certain endeavors. It could be something as simple as working out. It could be something as simple as changing your diet as your doctor told you you’ve got high blood pressure.  It could be something as simple as going out and meeting women.  I know these statements might have made you pissed off. To use the term ‘simple’ for changing your life.

I know it’s not simple. It’s challenging. At one time or another, we have all failed. But I’m going to show you how you can make it happen. You can make these changes. It won’t be painful and I will be with you all the way.  I went to nutritionist a couple of months ago.  He told me my diet is not working for me.  He said it raises my blood sugars too much and we need to make changes.

I looked at him and I said “I could do that.”

He said “You can’t eat nuts any more, your body doesn’t digest it.”

Inside my brain I was like, “oh no, no nuts.  What am I going to do.  I love my mid afternoon snack, a bag of pistachio nuts.”

I resisted him for a second.  I thought there’s got to be something else to do.  He said “Eat more vegetables.”

But vegetables are boring.  Eat a big giant plate of vegetables with every single meal.  And eat protein with it and that’s it. That’s it?

Keep it simple.  I went home that day and I was pissed.  Don’t take away my nuts and my grains.  But…

What we resist, persists.  We need to read that phrase again.  What we resist, persists.  I got on that diet. He even told me to lose all the nutritional stuff I was doing;  He told me to lose all the herbs I was taking.  So what did I do?  Well, I changed my diet.  Eventually, I started craving the things that he gave me.  And I started feeling unbelievable.  Now, I’m so disciplined that I don’t even miss any of the stuff that I used to eat. I could care less.  I can walk in a store, see a bag of nuts and think to myself, that was in my past.

Everything in life, to be successful and change a habit, is about the power of discipline. The other day, I went to the dentist.  The dentist told me I needed to change my brushing. I need to get this different toothbrush. I need to get a water pick, and I need to get clove oil.  And I started getting into this new routine.  Now my body craves it only after 24 hours.  I don’t even remember my old routine.  It’s not even important.

Discipline is the key to success in everything. Years ago, when my back blew out.  I went to a place and they gave me just half an hour to 45 minutes a day of stretching and small muscle therapy and exercises.  I looked at them and I said 45 minutes a day, are you kidding me?

I think I have skipped 20 days in four years. How does my body feel right now?  Amazing.  I have flexibility like I’ve never had before.  I actually feel really relaxed.  It releases endorphins. What you resist will persist.  In order to make powerful changes in your life, it starts with discipline.  You can’t just think about it. You can’t just go out there one Saturday afternoon, talk to five or six women, and think that your issues or struggles will change.

You can’t just go to the gym for two days and think your body is going to change.  You can’t go on a diet for a week and expect to lose weight.  I love when I hear people do that.  “I’m going away next week, I’m going to go on a diet before I go away so I look good in my bathing suit.”

What you resist, persists.  Make a list of all the things you’re resisting in your life.  Make a list of how it’s persisting.  Think for a second of all the things you want, all the projects that you’ve started.  For some of you, it may be going out and meeting women.  For some of you, it might lifting weights.  For some of you, it might be starting a business.  Success is based on one formula.  Persistence, dedication. The power to be committed every single day.  Forming a new habit is a matter of changing your beliefs around something, telling yourself this new habit is going to be fun.

Telling yourself that this new habit is going to be something that you enjoy to do.  Staying focused in this new habit will become easier when you realize the results will come. Visualize what changes you want in your life, what type of success you want. How do you want to meet successful women, how you want your body to look, how you want your health to be.  Visualize it.  Then commit to it.  Commit to it every single day.

If you quit after two days. Start again. Keep starting again. I was on this program recently and I did something I shouldn’t have done. My body reacted horribly. I stomach virus all week.  My body rejected everything that I did. I learned the hard way, just like you’re going to learn the hard way. Whatever you do.  You’re going to start to get in shape and then you’re going to slip back into that old habit. Then, your body is going to start to reject it.

Let’s say for instance you go out every single day and you start meeting women. One day you slip back into that negative mindset, you’re going to feel lousy again. The positive feeling you had is going to disappear. Let’s say you’re on a no-sugar diet and your body starts feeling good, and then you slip and you have a bowl of ice cream. Then you feel lousy the next day.  Let’s say you quit coffee. You get that caffeine headache for four days, and after that you start feeling good. Then you have a day where you’re dragging, and you have a cup of coffee, and then you feel the effects of that caffeine really triggering in your brain.

I live a clean life for a reason, because I want the power of my brain to be sharp. My brain is what creates my discipline. You can do it too.  When your brain is sharp, not clouded by drugs, alcohol, sugars or coffee, you can commit to improving my life.  You get a natural high off of the power of discipline. Discipline is how you make serious changes in your life. The power of discipline. Do you want it?

How badly do you crave success in every part of your life. How badly do you crave success with women…

How badly do you crave financial success…

How badly do you crave body success…

Discipline can an incredible high for you. Changing your life, changing your diet, changing the way you look at things. It’s an empowering. I learned the power of discipline, but I used to have no discipline. When I got out of college, I had so little discipline it was unreal. Friends of mine thought I would never be successful, because my mind was scattered all over the place.  Until one day a friend of mine talked to me, who was successful at 24.

What did he say to me?

He said “discipline.”

Be the best that you can be no matter what you do.  Even if you’re going to sweep floors, be the best floor sweeper.  Everything you do, be the best that you can possibly be.  That resonated with me and started teaching me a lifelong lesson of patience and discipline.  The more discipline, the more patience you have.  The more patience you have, the more disciplined you become.  The more disciplined you become, your life will become rich beyond your wildest dreams.

The power of discipline.  Live it, love it, embrace it.