As the weather is changing, I look through my videos for inspiration, and I found one shot on a beach. Who doesn’t want to see a beach around Thanksgiving?

As you dive deep to Thanksgiving weekend, a reminder of what it’s like to be free on a beach. Definitely a welcome visual at this time of year. More importantly, what I’m discussing in this video is one of the most important lessons out there. The secret to a great life, dating, relationships and money.

We all have many different relationships in life. We have relationships with friends. We have relationships in business. We have relationships with co-workers. We have relationships with money, parents, siblings, kids. And there’s one special thing most people need in order to be happy.  A lot of you are single or are trying to figure out relationships, but that’s not going to make you happy. Happiness is a choice we make every single day. When we choose to be happy, we have an opportunity to attract amazing things in our life.

Happiness is one of the most powerful feelings we can choose. We don’t need other people to be happy, and that’s the key. Every morning I wake up and I use this secret for my own happiness. It doesn’t matter if I’m in a relationship, by myself, hanging out with friends.  Happiness to me is a choice, and I’m going to explain to you the secret to happiness in today’s video.