Let’s talk about the two sexes today. Men are all about conquest. You know that because you’re a man. You see a woman, you want to meet her, so you think about how to get her. That’s the way you’re wired. You want to have her, you want to go out with her. So immediately, you go into conquest mode where we think about the best thing that you can say of how you can get her to come over to you or how you’re going to impress her.

Women don’t think that way at all. As a matter of fact when a woman sees a man that she’s attracted to, she’s already starting to feel something during that present moment. This experience that she’s having in the moment is really, important to her. She’s not looking to be conquested. She’s looking to do what?

She’s looking to have an experience and this is where the two sexes mismatch.

You see men walk over, they strut or they come up with something they think is clever to say. They clever line doesn’t create any emotion in a woman. As a matter of fact most of the pick up lines and most of the things that you think are clever are actually repelling women. She’s actually getting turned off to you.

The way you walk, the way you talk, helps a woman experience you. If you walk over all full of fear, nerves, scared, thinking about how this line is going to work, she is going to get turned off instantly. Why? Because she needs to feel something immediately. To her this is about an experience of emotion that she needs to feel when she first meets you for the first time.

This is where men always make a mistake. They spend so much time worrying about the words and not necessarily the body language and actions behind the words, the tonality in the voice. What I’m going to reveal in today’s video is the number one secret to attracting a sexy woman.

Any woman you’re look to connect with, hook up, to go out on a date, have sex, fall in love with, it doesn’t matter. Once you master this secret and once you watch this video several times over, you’re going to start to understand the dynamic between the two sexes much better.

Once you understand this dynamic, you’re going to get out of your head and having to make the conquest, searching for the pick up line. You’re going to start to realize how woman are wired emotionally. Once you understand how they’re wired emotionally, dating and meeting woman is going to be easy. Once you understand that women are about experiences and feeling and having an emotion when they first meet you, then you’re going to start to understand what you’ve been doing wrong for so long.

Make one promise to me; You’re going to share this video with as many of your friends as you possibly can.  That way they are aligned with you and then you will have a good wingman as well.  There is no point in having a great secret unless you can share it.