Every time I do a boot camp, I always get asked this question.

“David, how do I start a conversation?  Is there any word that you can start a conversation with that would get her to literally stop dead in her tracks, and interested in having a conversation with me?”

Well the word “hello” is always wonderful.  Say the word hello or hi, with a great smile. That’s it. But so many of you don’t have that alpha mentality or that alpha magnetism.  You don’t understand how to walk into a room, and use the word hello to your advantage.  So today, I’m going through five power words to start a conversation.

I’m going to list some of the words here, and then in the video, you’re going to understand exactly how to use them.

1. Intrigue.

2. Curious.

You’ll have to watch the video to find out what numbers 3-5 are.These are great words to use, and when you watch the video, you’ll understand why. They’re great conversation openers that get women to start talking about themselves. The key to having a great conversation is to get somebody to start communicating about themselves.  When people start communicating about themselves, they’re locked in, because everybody’s favorite topic is themselves.

I learned this years ago, when I was bartending. I remember when I first started bartending, people would come in, and I’d have to talk to them. It was really great to bartend when the place was jam packed, just having five, seven conversations here and there, and you were moving around.  But when it was slow, that’s when you needed to build up your clientele.

When I was a bartender, I didn’t have a following, so I had to build one.  And the only way to build a following was to start communicating with everybody that came in when it was slow. That way, if I communicated with them and I bonded with them, they would bring their friends back another night, and then they’d entertain themselves. And I’d get them to do the same things with somebody else.

So back then is when I learned these secret five power words to start a conversation. Once I got these words into a conversation, people started talking about themselves. When people start talking about themselves, they start telling you things, and it’s almost an unfair advantage, because the conversation can segue into so many different things.

See that’s the key, it’s not the opener, it’s getting the conversation segued to go different ways so you’re able to start having a real conversation. I strongly suggest you watch the video six times. Why six times? Because I want you to hear what I say. I want you to understand the secret five power words that start a conversation.

I want you to be able to get it into your consciousness. There’s a trick that I used to do over and over again. I used to practice conversations, like saying things that I was not familiar saying. You’ll see in the video what I mean. When you start saying these things over and over again, what happens is you start bringing it to your subconscious mind. Then you can use them naturally when you’re in any type of social situation, you’re going to be able to start to use these words to your advantage.

Check out today’s video, The Secret Five Power Words to Start a Conversation and watch your life change.