A hot girl walks into the bar. You turn around. She grabs your attention. I’ve said it so many times, every single time when I go out this is what I see. I want you to imagine for one second what it would feel like to be a woman seeing this scenario play out over and over and over again.

You (the beautiful woman)walk into a bar. You see a group of guys turn around and look at you. You see them make some type of motion. One guy shrugs his shoulders, another guy nods, one guy hi-5’s and another guy looks like he’s getting excited. You make it safely to your friends before this pack of over aggressive, eye contact men are on you. You stand there with a friend and you feel the eyes on you.

As you stand there with your friend, you feel the guys staring at you. You turn around several times and all of them are staring. Nobody is walking over and talking. You feel self-conscious.  As the night goes on, there are other packs of men that are staring at you.  Some of these guys will come over and talk to you. Working you with some stale opener. Wanting to ply you with alcohol. Smelling like bad, beer breath.

After no good conversations all night long, you (the girl) leave. Only to be accosted again by somebody who’s been staring at you for four hours. He finally got the nerve up to talk to you. At this point, you’re not interested in speaking. No matter how nice they are because waiting in the background creepy. The guy who had no balls to talk earlier.

You (the girl) go home. You’re tired of it. You get on the Internet. Start looking for guys. Maybe somebody out there is normal. Somebody will talk to you.  This scenario goes down, over and over every Friday and Saturday night all over the world. Packs of men staring at women and not approaching. Packs of men looking at women, hi-fiving, talking, making women feel self conscious.

Individual men trying to come over and talk but they waited too long. They hesitate. You know what I always say: He who hesitates masturbates.  This is what goes on every Friday and Saturday night in bars, restaurants, all over the world. It happens to women during the day, too.  They’re out and about, they’re being stared at, looked at, not spoken to.

They’re being looked at, at the gym too.  Maybe talked to briefly, but never connected with. Do you want to know the reason why you’re not hooking up and meeting incredible women?

I’m about to share a secret with all of you today. A secret so powerful that when you watch this video down below, you’re going to realize how simple it is to connect with hot, sexy, beautiful women.  You’re going to be able to have what you’ve always wanted; a beautiful girlfriend.  I want you to share this video with all the guys that you go out with. So, they don’t freak out the women that you try to talk to.

Women will judge you by the friends you keep. If you’re hanging out with a bunch of guys that have no game, who just stare, she is going to think there’s something wrong with you, too. She’s going to disqualify you from the get-go. So I strongly suggest you pass this video on to all your mates, your buddies, all your dudes, and have them watch it, as well.  That way, you all improve together.