divorced_man_david_wygantI’m about to share with you the pros of dating a divorced man.  (The cons, you can find on another dating website.)

To me, everything is a pro.

And divorced men are huge pros for one big reason:

They know how to commit.

Sure I know some of you are skeptical, thinking, “Hey, a lot of them have left their wives. Is that commitment?”

But I’m sure you’ve had a bad relationship before. Leaving something that’s toxic has no reflection on your level of commitment—don’t judge.

You can look at a divorced man and say he’s got a failed marriage or two or three under his belt.

I look at it like, hey, at least he tried; at least he knows how to commit; and at least he’s willing to commit and try to make it work.

You might say to yourself, well he’s got his kids half the time, so you can only see him half the time.

Great, would you rather see somebody 100% of the time that drives you up the wall, or would you rather see somebody 50% of the time and have an incredible time with them that 100% of that time?

The divorced man is nurturing.

He knows how to have a relationship; he understands expectations.

The divorced man is not looking for your to be perfect.  Hell, they’ve already been with somebody that drove them up the wall, somebody that they were not attracted to for five or six years, so you’re going to be a breath of fresh air.

Divorced men are gems.

And I hear lots of women constantly talking about how they won’t date a man that’s been married before.

But by doing that, you eliminate a huge percentage of the good, dateable men out there, men that want a relationship and know how to commit.

So stop with your crazy rules, and start embracing the pros of dating a divorced man.