I have a challenge for you today.  Are you up for it?

The answer should always be “yes.”

I think it’s the end of the month.  I think it’s the end of the year.  I think we’re going to head into a new year.  And since Santa Claus needs to reward you for something, I suggest you take me up on this challenge today.  I promise you’ll survive.  I promise you’ll feel really good after.  I promise it’s the perfect time of year to do this.

I called this the power of vulnerability.  And it goes something like this. You find somebody you like.  And I know it’s not that hard.  All of us have somebody in our lives that we’re interested in, whether it’s a co-worker. Or it’s somebody you went out with six months ago. Maybe it’s somebody you’re dating right now.  Who ever it may be.  I want you to dip into the power of vulnerability.

I want you to reach out and I want you to say something to them. I want you to tell them you’d like to get together with them. If it’s somebody you you went out with six months ago. Maybe it was a great date but it fizzled.  I want you to send them a text today and say “Hey, been thinking about you.  We should connect again.”

If it’s an office worker, you should look at them and say, “You know, we should have lunch you and I.  Get to know each other better.”

If you’re in a relationship with somebody and it’s not going well, I strongly suggest you should tell them how you feel. That’s right. Vulnerability. It’s called the power of vulnerability.  Because being vulnerable is power.  Being vulnerable is amazing.  Being vulnerable is something we all crave and desire, yet we’re afraid of it. There’s no way in the world you’re going to have a great relationship if you don’t learn to be vulnerable. Taking this small step today is something that will help you in a very big way.

I know you can do it. Think about it. Somebody you went out with months ago. You liked them but it fizzled. Somebody you’re in a relationship now and you’re not getting your way. Somebody you work with.  Vulnerability. What an absolutely wonderful, wonderful way to deliver an early Christmas gift for yourself.