Let’s talk about Tinder and Bumble and about what a real man is willing to do on those sites to meet the right woman.

In Tinder, there is a button, a little blue button, and it’s a super like button.

You get one super like every 24 hours.

That’s it. One super like.

That means that for all the women that men are swiping through, they can only choose to send one super like every 24 hours. Or, they can pay $19.95 a month and have unlimited super likes, but most men that I know will not spend a dime on Tinder because their success rate is definitely not high enough for the investment.

But if a man super likes you, he’s telling you that of all the women that he checked out, he actually went and looked at all of your pictures. He actually read your three-line or three-word profile.

What the Super Like Really Means

I’ve said this over and over again in all the blogs I’ve written, all the posts I’ve written about online and app dating – most men are sitting there and they’re swiping right to everything.

There is no filter because they know massive action leads to massive results. The more they swipe right, the better chances they have that someone is going to swipe right back. So that’s why a lot of the time when you’re dating on apps, you get matched with somebody and he doesn’t contact you. It’s because he wasn’t interested in the first place.

super likeBut a super like? When you receive a super like, that means he is choosing you. He only has one super like a day, so that is a man who actually went and made the extra effort to let you know he wants to meet you. It’s almost like the old days when a guy decided to approach you and talk to you, God forbid, in a coffee shop, instead of hiding behind the virtual firewall of life that everybody is hiding behind on a consistent basis these days.

But we live in a modern dating society where we’re swiping and typing and texting. So when a man super likes you, take a closer look at him, give him a chance. Don’t make him sweat it out. Start to banter right away if he is remotely attracted to you, if you are attracted to him and want to connect with him.

That way you can see whether or not Mr. Super Like is worth dating.

Mr. Super Like and Mr. Extend the Match

As for Bumble, which is the other big app, there is Extend the Match. You get one match extension every single day where you can add 24 hours to the timer. When a man does that, he is telling you that of all the women he’s swiped, you are the one he’s like to get to know. He’s basically saying, if I could contact you first, I would, but I can’t because Bumble is all about women contacting men first. So the man has only one power move and that power move is to extend that match for 24 hours.

He’s telling you he likes you. He’s telling you he’s interested in getting to know you. That’s the first step to finding a man that truly desires you.

So once again, if you see somebody who is serious about wanting to meet you, get back to that guy as soon as possible.

He didn’t swipe. He didn’t type. He didn’t look at other people – well, maybe he did, but he’s more interested in you than anybody else. Go for the super like and the Extend the Match guy. Go for them first because they are, by far, the ones that are most interested in you. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to meet your perfect match.