how to text womenMost people are boring texters. Most guys are terrible at texting women. We don’t know what to send back to her. So this is what I ask myself all the time when I’m texting somebody. What did I learn about her when I met her?

Is she playful?

Is she deep?

Does she like get into long, philosophical conversations?

Is there a joke that we have between us already?

Maybe we fought for the same muffin, the last muffin at Starbucks. Is there a nickname that I’ve come up with for her already?

I ask myself lots of things about her to get an idea of what her personality is about. When I know what her personality is about, then I can send her a great text. For instance, these are great texts that came in.

“Great meeting you last night, did you have fun?”

Then she wrote: “You too! Yah, It was a chill time. HBU!?”

So already I know that she’s an exclamation point person. You too! So she’s excited, she’s showing emotion in the text.  ‘HBU’ means that she talks in text abbreviations.  So my text back to her was: “love HBU. That’s new to me, I like talking abbreviations :).”

Always give a smiley face because it shows that you’ve got a personality. You like to joke around. Guess this one: WRUTT?

So what you’re telling her is that, yeah, I can go talk in abbreviations, let’s have fun with it. Look at the texts that you have, see what her personality is. See the way she responds to you, that way you can have banter back and forth. That’s more fun and more playful. The problem is, a lot of guys get sexual too quickly in texts. Let me text her, let me text her sexually. You don’t want to do that. You want to challenge her. You can write, here’s a good challenge, okay?

A text I recently sent out that I love is: “Thinking of you :)”.

I love that. Wake a girl up on a Sunday morning, tell her you’re thinking of her. Intimate texts are better than sexual texts. The problem is a lot of guys are constantly trying to get sexual in their texts. When you get sexual too early in a text, you’re showing her you have a one-track mind. It’s about getting laid. You’re not escalating her. You’re showing her you’re just like every other guy that just wants to whip his dick out and get it sucked.

You need to start thinking differently if you want to succeed. You need to start opening up more emotionally. Here’s an example of sexual texting.  Let’s go through this, get an idea of what sexual texting really is. Sexual texting is good when it’s subliminal.  Subliminal texting is a lot hotter than regular texting. How do we do that? Well, it’s great to send little pictures back and forth to each other.  Maybe a goofy picture of you somewhere where you look really good.  Maybe you’re dressed great when you went out with friends.  Send it to her and write “Hey, thinking about you.”

“Send me a pic now.”  

And then she sends you a cute picture.  Write back to her “Man, you wear that dress amazingly.”  Or “that dress looks beautiful on you.”  Or … “if I was there right now, I would do this…”

I love to say this: “Are you tucked in right now?”

Or “Hey, wow, it’s late.  I want to make sure you’re all warm and snuggly and cozy in bed.”

And then she says “Yes I am.”

You can write back “It’d be so great to be there right now, holding you and spooning next to you. Being all warm and cuddly with you.”

You don’t need to say what you’re really thinking, you just need to imply it.  She’ll get the message… and send the right one back to you. Think outside the box when you text women and you’ll be amazed at how they start to interact with you!