the power of perfumeThere is nothing sexier to me than when a woman smells amazing.

Sometimes I walk by a woman that smells so good immediately it triggers and emotional reaction, a physical reaction.

When I am sitting across a woman that smells amazing, all I want to do is taste every inch of her body. I want to devour her from head to toe.

I want to kiss every inch of her. I want to hug her and hold her tight and smell her.

When I give her a hug goodbye, I want her scent all over my clothes.

When she sleeps over, I want to go to bed the next night when she’s not there and I want to literally be able to still smell her. It turns me on so much when a woman smells amazing. The power of the right perfume will just drives me nuts as a man.

It’s very primal. I feel like I’m acting on my primal side, which — as those of you who have been reading me a long time know — is where we all want to be. Why?

Because if we get into our sexual energy, we get into our power and we are no longer just acting in our head. We are acting more from our heart-space and we are acting more from our physical space and when those two are aligned together, it’s a wonderful feeling.

Just as powerful the right scent can be, though, the wrong scent can make me run.

There are certain perfumes that smell really stale on people’s body chemistry. I’ve run into women like that, where I’ve gone out with them and every time I lean close I feel like it’s coming out of their pores. I feel like their breath literally smells like bad perfume.

I can’t even hug them, no matter how hot they are and no matter how much we connect. I can’t even imagine ever getting physically involved with them because they do not smell right.

I know that women, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Because a lot of you have told me many times that when a man smells amazing, you’re ready to explore that man. But a lot of men don’t smell amazing.

So how do you know if you smell stale and your perfume is not working for you? Because we tend to have a weird sense of how we actually smell. The best thing to do is ask a friend. Literally let them go and smell your neck and ask them how this perfume smells on you. Does it smell stale, does it smell fresh? Because a perfume should smell fresh and flowery and clean. It should smell like you just bathed, not like you just went to Bloomingdales and you were doused by all of the sales girls trying to spray you.

Ask a friend, ask a man. It’s really easy. And if it doesn’t work for you, find a scent. Don’t just buy something, try something. Try a scent that wears because each scent wears on each person differently.

There are things that I may put on and I don’t tend to put on oils that smell great at the beginning, but after an hour I smell like an ape that was wrestling in the zoo. It doesn’t work.

And men, if you’re reading this right now and you’ve gotten this far, please don’t be cologne man. I’m going to talk about that next.