Do you remember when we were in grade school? You remember we didn’t have phones to text or any of those modern devices like iPads or instant messaging or anything else?

All we had was a pen and a piece of paper. Do you remember passing notes with people that you had a crush on? It was always so much fun to pass notes. I used to love it. Passing a note to the girl I was crushing on and waiting to get that folded up piece of paper back.

I remember starting to pass notes in around the sixth grade, and it was so much fun. You’d write something on a piece of paper torn from your notebook, you’d fold it up, and then you’d pass it along and make sure that nobody else read it or saw it.

Then you’d sit there and wait for that folded up piece of paper to come back with an answer to whatever question you might have asked. Do you like me? Do you want to go out?

Passing Notes and the Days of Innocence

Passing notes can bring us back to a time in our life when everything was innocent and pure and fun, when we were all open and, well, just more open and less jaded.

It’s a completely different time now. Today, we just text and nobody passes notes anymore, which makes me realize that none of you probably pass notes, and none of you know the power of passing notes. We’ve forgotten how to be playful and flirt.

The other day I was out to lunch with my coach Alex, and a client of ours.

Alex saw these girls sitting there and he says, “What should I do? Should I buy them a glass of water, or should I pass them a note?”

I said to pass the note.

So Alex did what we always do. We had fun, we went back and found that feeling of the innocent times when we were in the sixth grade, and Alex wrote the note.

power of passing notes

How did the women respond to it? Well let’s just say I was sitting alone at a table by myself for almost 40 minutes while Alex and my client were at another table talking to the two women, sharing dessert, sharing stories, laughing and having a blast.

Have Fun with It

The second the women saw the note they turned around and they were laughing and smiling, and Alex and the client walked over and spoke to them.

I’m telling you this because it works, but of course the majority of you are not going to do it because it’s going to be too fearful for you, and you’re not going to trust it.

Bu, you need to trust it. You need to do things that bring you fear, and you need to start passing notes again. It brings you back to innocent days and creates an emotion because that’s what’s lacking in today’s texting society. Not enough flirting, not enough emotion.