On a scale from one to ten, ten being extreme and one being the most joyous Disney character you can be, are you more like a smiling, happy-go-lucky Mickey Mouse.

Or are you more like one of the seven dwarves, and people tend to call you Grumpy all the time. No matter what happens, you tend to look at the negative side of things and not the positive side of things.

There are a lot of people in this world who would rather be Grumpy than Mickey. They’d rather take life and turn it into a lemon and make life a birthday cake.


Well, it’s interesting. The Internet has enabled us to be even more negative than ever before.

The Internet is full of amazing resources. Information, articles, videos. You can just get on Youtube and put positive videos up, and you’ll have people like myself and Wayne Dire and Tony Robins come into your life.

But that’s not what people like to do. People like to be validated as Grumpy, instead of unleashing the inner Mickey.

Why. Why do people do that. Why do people seek negativity. Well, it’s simple. They want to be validated. And we suffer from validation as human beings. We want to know that somebody else is as shitty as we are, then that way we don’t feel like we’re doing it all alone. And that’s a dangerous mind set to do.

We want to be validated. If we can’t meet men or we can’t meet women, we want to know that somebody else is having equally as bad time. So we get on the Internet and we find somebody else in an article saying dating sucks, life sucks, life’s not fair.

Whatever it is, you find the other negative Grumpy that will validate where you’re at, because for human beings, it’s easier to be negative than positive. It’s easier to quit. It’s easier to say something won’t work for me. It’s easier to do all that stuff.

Why. Why is it easier to do that.

Because you’re familiar. It’s easier to do that because it’s familiar to where you feel. You see, moving forward, moving past your shit is unfamiliar. Staying in your shit is familiar. So you may try something once or twice. You may give it a whirl and an attempt, but in reality, it’s far greater to stay in your mess. It’s far greater to stay in your shit.

Because then you don’t have to try. Because you don’t want to fail, so you’d rather remain a failure. Failure’s easier to sit in.
You can just rationalize and just go, “I guess it wasn’t for me. You see, nothing’s supposed to work for me.”
A lot of people choose to do that. A lot of people live their life like that. A lot of people do that because they don’t want to change. On the surface, they do, but deep down, deep inside, their programming is so deep. Programming that mom and dad gave us. Programming so deep that there’s nothing that we can do. But that’s where it’s wrong.

There’s a lot you can do, and the first thing to do is actually- DO.

Nobody likes to hang out with Grumpy. Everybody would rather hang out with Mickey. I can sit here and give you more wise words of wisdom, but in reality, it doesn’t really matter once you actually start doing it, one step at a time.
That’s all it takes.
One tiny step, one tiny win leads to another win, which leads to better happiness.
Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you’re not going to change just because you bought the Miracle Course that tells you you can change in three minutes or less.