shy with womenYou’re having a good week.

You’re starting to feel better about yourself.

You’re talking to some girls.

You’re starting to feel like things can change, and then all of a sudden she walks in.

Oh man, you know what she is.

She’s your dream girl.  She may be tall. She may be short. She may be curvy. She may be big breasted. She may be small breasted.  She’s got great lips, great eyes. She’s your dream girl.  The heart starts to palpitate, your hands get sweaty. Your lips get dry. You’re nervous.

Then your mind kicks in, the stories start coming. You say to yourself, “Aw man, my coach. The program I read told me to go talk to her.”

You say to yourself “Oh my god, I’ve got to go talk to her, I’ve got to talk to her now.”  And you start looking at her as something entirely different.

You start looking at her not as a woman, not as a person but as this fantasy girl.  You walk over and you think, “I don’t want to blow it with this fantasy girl.”

Wake up, she’s a f*cking person. She’s got social phobias, social skill problems, she’s got issues, idle monkey chatter. The same shit that goes on inside your f*cking brain goes inside hers.  She doesn’t have it all together because she’s hot.  When you walk over she feels that negative energy.  She feels your nerves, because you’re not confident. She feels it and reacts to you very differently.

She’s scared of you because she’s wondering why the hell you’re so nervous. Why are you so nervous? Why are you having issues around just her? She’s thinking, “I’m just a normal girl, I wish a guy could talk to me like a human being.”

When you walk around through this nervous energy, she feels it and gets nervous herself.  When you walk over confident and say to yourself…

“She is just a new person, a human, she’s not an alien.” She is comfortable around you.

It’s how you treat them.  It’s amazing. How easily can you walk over to a woman you’re not attracted to.  Amazing, isn’t it?  It’s so simple to walk over to a woman you’re not attracted to and talk to her. You say to yourself, “I’m not attracted to her, I could talk to her at any time.”  

It’s easy to talk to someone you’re not attracted to. Let’s even break it down even deeper, okay…

How many times have you been invited to a party and the first question a guy asks is,  “Any hot girls going to be there?”

She says all my hot friends are going to be there.  You go to the party. After about an hour, you look around. You’re talking to all these girls that you’re not attracted to, and you’re having a great time. But you’re curious where are all the hot women that your friend promised.  Your friend walks over, and she’s really happy because she sees her friends liking you.

You look at her and say, “but where are your hot friends.”

The woman looks at you right in the eyes like you’re crazy and says, “They’re all here. You’ve been talking to them.”

Why You Should Talk To As Many Women As Possible

All the women you’re talking to actually feel good about themselves as people. So they’re feeling energetically that they are pretty. They feel good. They feel sexy.  They think they’re getting attention from a really cool guy, so they’re lighting up and they’re feeling amazing.  You feel rejected. You think to yourself, I got to get out of here. I got to go meet some hot women. You don’t look at the win that night. That you actually entertained a group of women who thought they were hot.

You don’t think to yourself, “I had a really good time, and all the women thought I was super cool. I probably could’ve gone out with them, but I chose not to because I wasn’t attracted to them.”

Instead, you go out and try to force the night. Try to make something happen. You feel the pressure. You don’t look at it as a win. You look at it as a waste of time.  And now… You see that hot woman standing there. You can’t talk to her. Energetically, you’re scared of her.  You don’t realize that all women are exactly the same. You treat this hot woman as an alien. So when you walk over to her, you’re not the confident guy you were back at the party. You’re now that nervous guy that thinks he needs to say something different.

All women are the same. They want to be talked to exactly the same. They all want an emotional connection. They want to feel like the guy is connecting to them. Inside, they’re all the same.  You’ve just decided that their mask is different. It’s all in your head. The next time you go to a party and you realize you can talk to women that you’re not attracted to, talk to girls you’re attracted to, too. Talk to them the exact same. It works.