What are we all searching for as we swipe and type?

What are we looking for? We’re looking for that one person, that one person we’ve never met before that makes us feel high. That feeling we’re all aching to have that we’ve had at one point before and want to feel again.

Some people call it chemistry. Some people call it a spark.

Others call it synchronicity.

The term love at first sight comes up.

The Incredible Feeling of Great Chemistry

But in reality, what we’re looking for is that incredible chemical feeling after talking to somebody for a couple hours. Somebody that makes you feel like they’ve known you for a long time.

You could almost feel them, the way they move, the way they talk, and they’re very familiar to you.

Everything about them is familiar.

You say something and it’s almost like you said it yourself.

Chemistry, spark, whatever it might be, energy, we all have different names for it, but it’s really all the same thing. It’s really the power of man meets women, and women meets man.

Finding that Spark

We’re all looking for that. As we sit home at night, and we think to ourselves how wonderful it will be to meet somebody. We think about it, we crave it, we all want it.

But, how do we find it? How do we know it’s real, and it’s not just something that’s not going to last?

Well that’s why I put this video up today.

I’m joined by my absolutely beautiful amazing friend, Fern.

Yes, that’s right, her name is actually Fern. She’s great.

Fern and I are going to talk a little bit about that spark, that chemistry, that thing that we’re all looking for, that magic moment, an energetic connection that two people want to feel when they first meet. Enjoy the video, and pass it on to your friends.