Are you ready for todays challenge?

Before you read on let me share a few thoughts with you.

I am in the process of of making some changes to the site that I feel will benefit each and everyone of you. I would really appreciate the feedback in order to create a more powerful community.

At the bottom of the blog is a video teaching you all about Body Language. But before we get to the main event a few questions first.

I need all of you to concentrate today and stay on topic…Yes Joan 2 days in a row of having to stay on Topic.

For those of you that need Joans Halloween cookie recipe you will need to wait another day:)

Your feedback is really important to me in order for my team and I to continue to build a powerful dating and advice site we really need to hear from you.

So here is what is on todays agenda.

1. How would you like if i split the site and created a Wygant for Men and a Wygant for Women? Each site will have advice that is geared directly to the gender of the site.

2. How would you like a live chat on the site so you can guys can talk to each other and speak to me. I am thinking of offering a weekly chat or conference call that will give you access to me and my team. This will be a members only section of the site and will also include some members only benefits.

3. How would you like to see daily videos of how to meet the opposite sex attached to the blog every day?

4. How would you like to be able to listen live to a one on one coaching call and be able to ask questions after?

These are just a few of the exciting new changes that are happening over the next few weeks.

Todays video was shot a few weeks ago in NYC. I break down a clients body language as he is flirting with a woman who is selling art.

This video will really show you how to break through the invisible wall that people put up.

Enjoy and have a great Saturday.