man-likes-youA man, a guy, a boy, it doesn’t matter what it is. It’s the sexual opposite of who you are, and sexual opposite who thinks.

You see, men will date and date and date.

They will slice and slice and slice until they find what they think their fantasy girl is.

Their fantasy girl is far different than your fantasy man because you are operating on the image of a princess fantasy that was ingrained in you from Disney, ingrained by your parents about who you should end up with and who you should marry.

Men are wired differently. Think for a moment while I ask you these questions, and I want you to really think about your answers.

How many times have you met a man and you were relegated to once a week? He gave you many excuses.

He told you things are busy at work.

He told you things are hectic with the kids and the separation.

He made many excuses. You hung on forever and ever and ever. You’re the once a week girl.

How many times have you met somebody and he doesn’t prioritize you right away? He makes excuses and tells you he’s busy, this is a busy time for him.

How many times have you met a man who you catch still on Tinder or Bumble or some other app?

Want to know the sure fire sign that a man is into you, wants a relationship?

He opens his life to you. It’s that simple.

When I personally like a woman, there are no excuses, I’m not thinking about the other five that are in rotation.

I’m not worrying or thinking that I might have missed out onto something.

I’m not still swiping and my profile is still not up on or Bumble or Tinder.

I’m all about trying to get to know this woman, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. I’m creating a plan.

I’m pursuing her.

I am inviting her out.

I’m even using the term “we.”

I am saying things like “we need to do this,” or “we need to go there.”

I have follow through, I’m not making up excuses, I’m giving her the best nights.

That’s when a man wants a woman. When a man wants a woman he’s all in, there’s no 50% or 40% here. A man is all in.

So if you’re dating a man and he’s not all in, and he’s putting up any host of lame excuses, then guess what, he’s looking for something better. He wants an upgrade.

You’re a three series and he’s looking for a seven series (those are BMW cars by the way).

When men are into a woman, they pursue, and they’re all in, and they drop everything else. They’re giving up their friends on a Friday night, they’re giving up their weekly — they’re giving up lots of things because they just want to be with you.

It really is that simple in life. They just want to be with you.