Every day I look at Facebook, and sometimes the things people post absolutely blow me away.

Recently, a Facebook friend of mine was posting all over Facebook about his new relationship. About the love of his life he just met, and how he could not imagine loving anybody else.

Meanwhile, I think he’s newly separated from somebody else, the previous love of his life.

I wonder what he wrote about her in the beginning? Does anybody go back and look at Facebook, like the woman that he’s proclaiming love for?

Does she go back on his Facebook timeline and see that he’s proclaimed the same love for the woman before her when they first started going out?

It would make me a little nervous if someone proclaimed their love for me on Facebook.

It feels like people post and update their relationship status to make themselves feel better. To feel important.

I understand that Facebook, by definition is self-indulgent.

Let’s face it folks, nobody has 371 friends. Nobody has 1,324 friends. The people who are at the friend limit on Facebook, they certainly don’t have 5,000 friends.

Yet every day, people post their relationship status. They post about their relationships, their love and their fights. They post things that absolutely make me wonder.

Are they truly in love with another person? Or are they narcissists that need validation every step of the way.

I always took the term private life very seriously.relationshipStatus_big

My private life is exactly that, private. You’ll never see me post things that are private on Facebook. I know that most of my Facebook friends are people who are acquaintances, or people who once liked something I wrote, and they wanted to be my friend.

So I’m not going to broadcast personal, private things to them, because I have no idea who they might be.

But every day, someone posts their private thoughts, their private life, all over Facebook. Why?

The first thing that comes to mind is that they’re a narcissist.

They need approval every which way they go. They want to show the world that they’re living an amazing life, and they want everybody to pat them on the back and say, you go, Joe.

Somebody who is really living an amazing life is living more inward, sharing that evolved life with real people, real friends, real acquaintances, in real time.

Love should never be broadcast. A relationship is complicated.

Life, to me, is about living from your soul, inside your heart, and not on the pages of social media, where anybody and everybody can comment on it.

We live in a time where everyone feels the need to be accessible at the speed of light, and our most personal moments are often broadcast to others.

It’s a time in the world when some people feel the need to shoot people, shoot total strangers in an auditorium at night, in a peaceful city like Paris.

We, in turn, love to broadcast every little piece of news.

Narcissism is not love. It’s not even self love. Narcissistic behavior is all over Facebook. Stop posting deeply personal things.

Be secure enough in your love relationships to keep them private, between those to whom they matter most. To you and the person you love.

The truth is, when you keep the important relationships in your life private, they will feel better. And they will mean more.

Inspirational things are great to post.

Your true friends will really share the love that you share. Bring the new love to them. Proclaim your love through actions. It’s really the actions between two people that make a difference in this world.

Try it.