It’s funny, whenever I do a boot camp, there’s always a guy that looks at me and asks, “How do I get laid on a first date? How do I get her in the bed after like an hour?”

Usually he’s the guy that’s trembling.  Usually he’s the nervous guy. But what I want to talk about today is how to become a sexual being. You see, you just can’t become this “sexual stud” if you’ve never had the experience before of being a stud. Women feel it.  Sex is a primal thing. Sex is so primal that women can feel your sexual energy when you walk into a room.

Women feel a guy that’s at ease with touch. Women can feel it when a man goes to hug her, and he’s nervous.  She feels it.  So you have to get comfortable with some of the beginning steps first.  So right now why ask yourself, where are you at with your sexuality?

How comfortable are you with your sexuality?

How comfortable are you touching women?

Is it easy for you to give a woman a hug or when you hug are you nervous, kind of “herky jerky” in your motion and scared she’s not going to hug you back?

In order to become really sexual and really escalate with a woman, you’ve got to do the remedial things first.  You have to understand the power of a simple touch. For those of you that are not at ease at touching a woman, today’s video is going to be a really good lesson for you. It’s going to allow you to see how to get past your fears, and it all starts with a simple touch.

A simple touch between two strangers. When you start getting comfortable touching a woman, touching her on her shoulder, or touching her when you’re talking to her, that’s when the magic begins to happen.

Once you understand you have to become comfortable within your own sexuality as a man, that’s the moment you’ll be able to sexually escalate women at will.  When you’re comfortable with who you are as a man, then you are going to be able to master the ins and outs of powerful sexual escalation.

Check out today’s video. It’s a good one.