It’s really interesting to look back at my twenties as a 46-year-old. I feel blessed to be able to work with people in their twenties all the time now.

Something that I’m always learning is that people in their twenties are so impatient. For some reason or another, they are always impatient.

When you get out of college, you’re supposed to become an adult. All of a sudden, your life is supposed to change. You’re no longer a kid; you have to become an adult. Things are supposed to be working a certain way.

The perfect picture of what you’re supposed to be doing was often painted by your parents. Your parents might have expectations for you, and you might have expectations for yourself, comparing yourself to your friends.

But what is amazing about your twenties is that if you can just kick back, relax and enjoy it without rushing life. You’ll realize that time goes by really quickly.

People are always asking me if I would go back to my twenties, and if I could, what would I do?

If I could go back to my twenties, the only thing I would do differently is be 100% present and okay with what was happening in the moment. If I could go back, I wouldn’t keep wishing that things would be different than they were. I wouldn’t beat myself up for missed opportunities.

If I could go back, I would just try to be present to whatever was happening. What was happening was amazing, and I didn’t give it all of the credit it deserved. I just wanted more.

Most people in their twenties suffer from the “I want more” disease. “I want more. I should have more. Jesus, I’m an adult now, I’m 23!”

But you have to get rid of that perfect picture that you’ve painted of how life should be. In college, we’re sold that perfect picture. “When I get out of college, this is what I’m going to do… this is how life is going to be…” But you haven’t even experienced life yet; how the hell do you know how it’s going to be? You have no clue.

Yet you keep referring to this perfect picture you or someone else painted. Believing in that picture usually leads to disappointment.

Your greatest lessons in life happen in your twenties. So enjoy what you learn! These lessons will keep repeating themselves in your thirties, but by that time, you’ll know how to handle them:

You have to engage your life every single day. You have to make it happen. Only you can control your life.

And you have to enjoy the process. Your twenties are all about acknowledging that you are in complete and utter control of everything.

I think this video is also a great reminder for people over the age of 30 that all men are actually 18.

Have a great Monday!!