Last night I went out to an organic restaurant in Venice called Axe. It’s funny, and I’ve been saying this for decades, but men waste Saturday nights drinking in a bar while groups of women go out to dinner to avoid the drunken men at bars.

Last night at Axe, there were tables of six to eight women hanging out, eating and talking. All of them were relaxed and having fun because they did not have to deal with the drunken male on the prowl.

I have been telling men for years to head to places like this on a Saturday night, because if they do they will be in a room full of single women. It is so easy in an environment like this to casually talk, smile and make very non-threatening comments. You can say something like “How was your dinner?” then go back to your table and have fun with your buddy (as she is having fun with hers).

Then you can see if she takes the bait. If she does, then great! There have been many times I’ve done this and ended up having dessert with a fun group of women who were there for a girls night out.

How many times do I really need to tell you guys that the non-threatening approach is always the best. You need to think outside the box.

Have an amazing Sunday!