insightful-guy-texting_large-david-wygantWhether you like it or not, texting has become a way of life when it comes to dating.

And I think a lot of people don’t know the so-called rules.

Now I know that you absolutely cannot stand when you give a guy a phone number, and he doesn’t call you to ask you out, he just texts you nonstop.

I know how frustrating that can be as a woman.

But, a lot of women make a lot of the same mistakes.

A man will call them, and even though they want the man to call them, she’ll le let it go to voicemail and then text back.

So it appears that we all need to understand the rules of texting, so there’s no miscommunication.

Because as all of you know, texting is full of miscommunications.

“The Rules”

Rule 1: When in doubt, always put a smiley face.

If you’re sending something that you think is humorous, he may not understand your humor.  By adding a smiley face, he’ll know what you said was a joke.

Take a look at some of the texts that you’ve done and think about the context of it, okay?

A lot of the times people don’t put a smiley face there.  When you don’t put a smiley face after a joke, he will read it and think, “God, she’s rude.” Two things can be interpreted very, very different ways.

Rule 2: When a man texts you to confirm a date, and if he does so at a reasonable time beforehand, and you have your phone on you, text him back right away.

Don’t wait; don’t play busy; don’t pretend you didn’t get the text.

Just text back.

Because let me tell you something, men get real annoyed waiting for a text back all day.  They’re looking forward to the date with you.  They’re looking forward to connect with you and you know what, they also get inside their head.  They also think to themselves, “Why is she not connecting back?  Why is she not texting back?  What’s going on?  Are we still on?  Do we still have the date?”

So keep the flow of conversation going.

Rule 3: Always send the apology text.

Let’s say somebody texts you at night and you don’t text them back right away because you’re out with friends, you have a life, you’re doing things, or you’re on another date.

The very next morning, text him back with, “Hey, was busy last night.  Sorry I didn’t have the chance to text you back.”

And then respond to the text. Keep the conversation flowing.

Texting is really silly.  Texting is really ridiculous.  But it’s a great way to connect with each other on a daily basis.

Hopefully this helps.  Simple text tips.