Today I was taking the I Can Work Anywhere thing to a whole new level.

Recently on Living Social I bought a colonic (a little TMI I know).

Have you ever had a colonic? It’s when you have water pumped in your butt and you get to eliminate all the backed up toxins.

I’ve done it twice in my life, and as I’m laying there, getting rid of anything that was in my body, I realized something…

A lot of people wake up in the morning and for breakfast they have a new breakfast cereal called Full of Fear.

I don’t know how this idea came to me, but it did, and I started thinking.

Every morning when you wake up, you sit down at breakfast and you start eating the Full of Fear flakes.

As each bite goes into your mouth, you chew it and you swallow the fear.

By the time you leave your house, you’re full. You feel good. Your belly is full. Your mind is full.

But it’s full of fear.fear

So many people are so full of fear that they walk around all day long and they don’t even know what to do.

They see someone they’re attracted to and they’re full of fear. They get a text or an email or a phone call from somebody they really want to get vulnerable with, and they’re full of fear.

They don’t know what to do.

People spend their lives full of fear.

They need to talk to their boss about getting a raise, but it just doesn’t feel like the right day, because today is the day they ate their breakfast cereal called Full of Fear. They even had an extra bowl.

When I walk around, I see fear all over the place.

The great thing about fear is that we always have an excuse for how we can get around it.

A lot of people don’t even realize they’re full of fear, because they just make themselves full of other things.

This takes us back to the colonic. I find a lot of people are full of shit.

Maybe they need a colonic for their mind and their heart as well as their body.

How we rationalize things, how we don’t respond to people, how we don’t go out on dates, how we take our relationships super slow.

We make all these excuses. We have work. We have lots of things we want to do and accomplish. Our kids are a great excuse. Deadlines are a great excuse.

But in reality, I call bullshit, keeping with the shit slogan of the day.

I find all those excuses, the excuses for not diving into a relationship, the excuses for not meeting people, are because you’ve eaten that famous breakfast cereal called Full of Fear.

That’s all it ever is. Fear. The universe constantly delivers us amazing, beautiful people who we can get close to, but usually our own personal shit and our own personal fears ruin anything from happening.

So what is my suggestion? Well, I suggest you go on a diet.

First thing you need to do is eliminate the cereal you eat in the morning. No more Full of Fear cereal.

The next step is going to be a challenging for you. The next step is actually recognizing the fear. The next step is recognizing that you are full of fear and full of shit.

It’s going to take some work. It’s going to take stepping outside of your comfort zone. It’s going to take you to become something that the Full of Fear cereal has been covering up for a long time.

It’s going to force you to become vulnerable.

It’s going to force you to become open. It’s going to force you to call yourself out on your own shit.

That’s the way you stop eating the Full of Fear cereal that has been plaguing your life on so many different levels for so long.