One of the most powerful words in dating, seduction and relationships is the word “we”.

We, is one of the most powerful words you can use when you first start to connect with a girl.

I’m going to explain deeper the psychological aspects of why we is so important.

We’re all dating because we want to become a ‘we’ with somebody. We’re looking to become a ‘we’. A team. We’re looking for partnerships.

We’re looking for our soul mate, our significant other.

We’re looking for the love of our life.

We’re looking for our future girlfriend, or future wife.

So we is a very important term. It’s already in her consciousness.

She’s already thinking about vacations we can take. She’s already thinking about how much better life would be as a we.

So you need to sow the seeds of we.

How do we do it?

First off, as soon as you meet someone, whether it’s in person, on the internet or via text, you need to start using ‘we’.

We should set up a phone conversation so I can hear your voice…

We should Facetime so we can get a sense of each other…

We should have a drink on Thursday night…

As soon as you incorporate ‘we’ into your early conversations, the more she will begin to visualize the ‘we’ aspect of the two of you.

If all you say is, I, I , I, you are a man on an island she doesn’t want visit. There’s nothing more boring than a guy that talks about himself non-stop. Except a woman that does the same thing. I don’t care how hot she is, it’s a turn-off.

But, you can’t just talk about we. Talk is cheap.

You have to talk about we using statements like this: We still need to try that restaurant. We need to go see that movie. We need to take that walk. We need to work out together.

We is connecting over mutual interests.

But here’s the deal. A lot of guys are ‘we talkers’. They talk non-stop. They’re constantly we’ing out of their mouths.

They we so much, but that’s all they are. We talkers.

Women are looking for ‘we action people’. They want guys who walk the we and talk the we.

Unfortunately a lot of guys just talk the we non-stop, but they don’t walk the we.

Each time you bring up the word we, make sure you follow it with an action we.

Make sure that we is followed by we need to go see this movie.

You need to follow that with I need to go buy tickets and set a date so we can go and watch that movie together.

Women love words, but women are more consumed with ‘we actions’.

Women are all looking for quality men. Do you know what the definition of a quality man is? His actions follow his words. So be a quality man and follow your we talk with we actions.

The next time you’re with somebody, and you’re using the term we, over and over again, I’d like you to start becoming a we walker instead of just a we talker.

There are a lot of we’s in here. As a matter of fact do you feel like we are better friends right now?

Are we any closer right now?

Are we going to become we walkers as well as we talkers?