Do you want to know the key to learning anything?

The key to learning anything is to imagine one day that you’re going to teach it.

You see, when you go to learn something, I’m talking about really digging in and learning it, such as you’re learning it for your benefit, your probably going to try to take shortcuts.

You see most of us want the shortcut to success.

Want the shortcut to meeting people.

Want the shortcut to weight loss.

We want the shortcut to everything.

But the key to really being successful is when you learn a new skill, you want to imagine you teaching that new skill to other people. There is no shortcut. You want to become so good at it that you can perfect whatever system you’re learning so that you can help others do that. Why?

Because when you do that, and you become the teacher after you become the student, you then continue to learn and see it over and over again. Because – again there is no shortcut – there is doing the right thing, at the right time and doing it consistently.

Who learns more, the teacher or the student?

From experience it’s the teacher. Always because the teacher is always making changes to whatever system they’re doing because they’re constantly teaching it, they’re constantly learning and relearning. Exploring new ideas and bringing themselves to constantly understanding new ideas, actions, tactics, information and resources, all from teaching others.

So the teacher always learns more.

So the next time you have a new skill, imagine you having a business teaching that skill, whether it’s weight loss, meeting men, meeting women.

Trading stocks.

Buying and selling real estate.

Becoming a personal trainer by working out.

Imagine, once you have perfected your journey and there’s no such thing as perfection, but once you have mastered your journey and start becoming successful at it. Then and only then can you actually teach that system to other people.

I did a podcast recently about too many people who have done this and then they start coaching people on 17 different things. If you just perfect and teach somebody the one thing that you perfected, you’ll actually be more successful.

I’m going to take you back to when I was doing network marketing.

I was in some multi level marketing companies and the premise of network marketing is that if you get two people to join in and they get two people to join in and they get two people to join in everybody gets people to join underneath you, you’re actually going to make money.

In principal it works perfect. But so does Communism and we see how poorly that turns out.

The problem is people try to be more than what they really are. They go outside the effective and successful strategies. You see in life, life is really about strategies, if you want to lose weight change your diet.

If you want to lose a lot of weight you have to change your diet and you have to do cardio, but the right kind of cardio. You have to build muscle – in the right way.

See you can’t add 17 or 20 new things each and every day, week or month. You can’t change what’s been working for a long time when you want to be successful.

When it comes down to trading stocks, it’s the same thing. When it comes down to buying real estate it’s the same thing. When it comes down to meeting people it’s the same thing.

When it comes down to it…everything in your life is the same.

The more people you talk to the better you’re going to get, the more social you become, the more aware you become of everything, the more the patterns start to emerge and the more successful you are because of the patterns that you’re understanding.

Life can really be simpler. People just want to simplify.

So the next time you learn something new, imagine creating a business down the road, teaching that exact thing. See how your life will expand and you will begin transforming your ability and eagerness to learn & grow.