get over breakupI don’t watch much television, but I’ve been watching this Showtime show called “The Affair.”

An interesting concept, because you get to see the affair from two different points of view. There’s a murder tied in too.  It’s a great show because it really explores human relationships.  There’s a mother, who I think is a very interesting character. She is this holistic woman. Been married several times. To me, she spoke the line of our lifetime, and gave me a perspective that was interesting.

When the daughter asked her mother what happened to her, how come she’s not traveling with her husband. The mother looked at the daughter and said,  “We’ve come to the end of our story.”

I love that. The end of our story.  It’s brilliant, and so true. Think about all your relationships.  They started off as stories. Boy meets girl.  Boy and girl fall in love. You want to save every single e-mail he ever sent you.  Every text message.  Every audio. You’re keep a memory bank, a story going on inside your heart.  You remember all your moments. You’ve got pictures, videos, everything. You’re creating the story. Almost a full length, feature film. Then the story turns; there’s drama. There are fights, there’s controversy, there’s pain, there’s agony.

There are long talks with your friends that are like scenes in a movie. There’s more drama, more controversy, more talking. Maybe one of the characters has an affair, cheats on the other. There are kids. Many more elements of this story.  And then, finally, the story ends.  The romance that started out so beautifully has ended.  But in this story, there are many valuable lessons.  If you had a book to read of your last relationship, you could read it as someone who would learn from it.

Imagine being able to read the story of your last relationship. Imagine if you had a professional writer, write the story of your last relationship.  Imagine being able to read everything. The lessons you would learn. You would see it is so differently. Just like any great story; there’s a beginning, a middle, and an end. Every story comes to an end. There are sequels. If you think about it your life is a giant sequel.

Each man you meet, there’s a chance for you to write a brand new story. Start looking at your relationships differently. I want you to see the stories for what they were: Beautiful, experiences. Reframe them, your old relationships. Everything in your life will allow you to create new, positive, beautiful journeys that are awaiting you. We’ve come to an end of our story. Stories end tragically. Stories always end, but it’s how you look at it. Is the ending really as tragic as you thought it was?

Or, are there beautiful ways to remember it?

Think about it the next time you talk about a past relationship. As if you are reading that book.  How would you feel reading that book?

Learn the lessons from your past stories, so you can go out and create more beauty. Magical stories.  Life is about creating beauty and magic.