Do you know what I love? Man, I love doing a Bootcamp.

I love cramming all the guys into my car. Usually I have to drive around with Daphne or Sonja.

I also love when a guy at a Bootcamp comes up with a scenario he thinks is going to be a huge challenge for me. Nothing is a big challenge for me anymore, at least in the area of meeting women (and the emotions and concepts behind it).

It’s something that I’ve mastered, and it’s easy for me. I so enjoy now showing guys how it can be equally easy for them.

So it’s so great when I get challenged by one of the guys and am able to give them an easy solution. Then the biggest challenge is for that guy to actually go out and do what I say.

As you all know, being successful at meeting women is all about being in the moment, creating a moment and being real. So Adam, who came all the way from Australia to attend a Bootcamp here in L.A., had one of these “challenges” for me.

He said to me, “You know, I’m a workout guy. I go to the gym and I see women there, and it’s like they break my routine. It drives me bananas. There she is — on the treadmill, on the shoulder press. Here I am trying to make my body buff so all the women will think I’m a big guy and a stud.”

I told him I remembered that, because I was a big gym guy in my 20s too. I’d see that hottie and I just couldn’t concentrate any more. I’d be doing my sets, see her, and then I couldn’t concentrate at all because I’d be thinking to myself, “How can I continue to work out and get to know her?”

Well, once again, it’s all about the power of observation in this situation. How many times have you seen this woman before at the gym? What does she normally do for her workout? To whom have you seen her talking? Does she take any certain classes (like yoga)?

Ask yourself these questions. Once you know the answers, then you will have your approach.

Say you’ve seen that she uses the shoulder press every time she is at the gym, she likes to work her legs out hard, and you’ve seen her coming out of yoga class. Right there you have three different ways you can approach her.

You can walk over to her and say, “You know, I see you here all the time coming out of yoga class. How are the yoga classes here?” By saying this, you have opened up a line of communication.

You will then find out which nights she takes yoga, and then of course you will go and twist yourself into a pretzel on one of the nights she goes. You’ve already established a relationship – first contact.

Maybe you have noticed that she is aways hustling on the treadmill or the Stairmaster. So what do you do in that situation?

You get on the Stairmaster or treadmill next to her. She probably has her antisocial device (aka her iPod earphones) in her ears. So you point to them, and have her pull those out of her ears.

Then you look at her and say, “I’ll race you. Where do you want to go? You’ve already got a head start on me, so let me catch up.” Then you start running really fast to be a little comical. She will start cracking up, and you will start a conversation with her.

How do I know this? It’s funny, but I can hear you saying “Are you sure this is going to work?” I did this throughout my 20s, 30s and 40s.

Am I sure this is going to work? I am as sure as I know the sun will come out tomorrow (like Annie said in that play). I am as sure as I know I will have a morning hard-on. I am as sure as I know that I will be thirsty when I wake up. It will work.

Here is another thing you can do at the gym. Let’s say she is working out on the machines. You can look at her and say, “Man, you’re breaking a sweat. I don’t know if I can do that much weight.” You just be funny.

Then you ask if you can work in with her. When you get on the machine, you squeeze really hard pretending to be having a hard time with her weight and say, “One . . . that’s all I can do. You’re buff.” Have a good time with her and you will get her laughing and talking.