The other day a friend of mine rematched with a woman on JSwipe.

He’s a pretty apt dater.

This guy is on every app known to mankind.

He’s constantly working Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, and JSwipe. Even though he’s not Jewish.

He rematched with a woman on JSwipe a couple of days ago.

He sent her a text. It went something like this.

Hey Heather, I dropped the ball last time around. My fault. Can we hit the reset button and start again? Looking forward to connecting.

Two days later, she got back to him. Her answer was this.

Hi. I’m sort of dating someone.  

What is the definition of ‘sort of dating someone?’

She’s on the app – right?

She texted him back.

Well, she’s sort of dating somebody. But she’s checking JSwipe on a regular basis and still swiping for men.

That must be sort of dating. It sounds like the typical modern relationship, one foot in and one hand still swiping.

Fear of commitment is simple.single-life_dating-for-true-love282x172

It’s the one foot in, one foot out kind of deal. Nowadays fear of commitment is one foot in and one hand still swiping.

You might as well check and see what’s going on in the world of app dating.

Sort of dating.

I don’t know about this sort of dating thing. It feels very modern.

It feels not secure.

I wonder if they talk to each other, like, hey what are we doing together, sort of dating?

When you’re sort of dating somebody, are you seeing them one or two nights a week?

Are you afraid of asking for a commitment, so you’re trying to play it cool, so you’re sort of dating?

I don’t know the full definition of sort of dating, but to me it doesn’t sound very romantic.

My girl and I went out the other night, and we sort of had a date.  

Sort of made love.

Sort of spent the night together.

I might sort of take her away but I’m not quite sure yet.

One foot in and one hand still sort of swiping.

Dating is dating. If you’re dating somebody, you’re dating them.

Sort of dating means you’re still shopping around, looking for somebody else.