What is the definition of sex?Everybody has a different definition of sex.

You can read books, listen to audio programs, do tantra classes, soul sex classes, and everything else… but in the long-term outlook of things, everybody’s got a very different version of it. So you want to align the people whose version is close to your version so the two of you can merge that version or that vision and have killer, incredible sex together.

There are some people who think sex is what they see in porn. And then there are other people where sex starts in their mind (that’s me). To me, sex is all about your emotions, connecting with somebody, seeing the beauty, kissing, touching somebody from head to toe. Feeling them, tasting them, enjoying them — that’s my version of sex. I can’t have sex just for the sake of having sex. I used to be able to, but that was just an egotistical version of sex.

Now, I need to really relate to somebody. Their words turn me on. The way they speak to me, the way they communicate to me, the way they text, the way they come on to me in certain ways. The way we do this dance back and forth. That to me is the way that I connect emotionally and mentally to somebody in order to give myself to have sex.

I like a woman that is orgasmic-free, meaning that she’s not stuck in her head and she knows how to cum because she’s okay with her body. She loves her body and she’s free with her body and she doesn’t have any hang-ups or control issues.

I love to go down on a woman for hours. I think that’s fucking fun and great so I want somebody who likes and enjoys that.

I like to have long sex sessions. I think they’re when you see god or you see spirit. I mean, it’s pretty amazing and its also such a beautiful thing to be touched, to touch, build it up. I don’t really like to cum too fast because I like to build it up.

The sex is very different for me. So the thing that I always tell people to do is come up with your own definition of sex. How do you define yourself as a sexual being? What is your idea of great sex? If you had to pick one night and one type of body type to be with, what would that be and how would that sex play out?

Sex is all about making your own definition of sex. You want to define sex, you want to define what it’s all about when you go and you communicate, because sex is all about communication.

When you meet somebody you can communicate your needs, wants and desires sexually. You actually can talk about it. You can see what they’re all about. Because certain people are not going to be the same as you, they’re not going to feel the same as you. They’re not going to be energetically aligned sexually as you. They may not understand soul sex or tantra sex, or whatever you’re into.

So once again, in everything in life, if you’re not clear about what you want, the universe will give you unclear. And it works that way with sex and it works that way with partnerships and it works that way with communication. Get clear with what you want and who you are and watch the amazing sex blossom. Watch the amazing sex happen. Watch and feel and see how your sex life changes.