dangers of masturbationYou want to know the dangers of masturbation?  I’m going to tell you about it, and I’m going to be straight-forward and up-front with you.

For those of you that masturbate on a regular basis, you’re basically filling your brain with sex that’s never going to exist.  Nowhere in your life are you going to find a woman that literally will act like a complete bimbo and after 30 seconds is just going to want to have your dick inside so then you can fuck her in three different positions.  Then come all over her body and have her moan and scream in ecstasy.  It just doesn’t work that way.  But yet, so many of you are chronic masturbators and you’re chronically masturbating to porn, filling your brain, filling your ideas with non-sensual ways of having sex.  You see, a woman doesn’t write porn.

If a woman wrote porn it would be a lot more romantic.

It would be about a slow build, not some quick Tarzan-like sex in an elevator.

You see, porn is written directly for men.  So, for those of you that are chronically masturbating from porn, you are ruining yourselves.  You are ruining what real sex can be like, and not only that, here’s one of the biggest dangers out there.

A client that I was coaching, I’ll call him Hank.

Because I know you read the blog.

See, Hank was a chronic masturbator.  Hank was the type of guy that woke up in the morning, had a hard-on, jerked it off.

Hank would jerk off in the office bathroom.  He was a high-powered banker. He would get home at night, he’d jerk off and sometimes he’d jerk off before he’d go to sleep watching porn.  He was doing this non-stop since he was 13 years old, constantly beating off, constantly getting off, and making himself come quickly.

You see, he’d have to stroke his dick as hard as he possibly could to come as quickly as he could.

When Hank started getting intimate with women, he had trouble coming.

You see, Hank is a big guy.  His hand was hard and strong, so he was able to stroke himself and stroke himself good, so he was able to have a huge orgasm.  A woman’s hand was small and dainty.  Her mouth was warm and dainty.  Her pussy was warm, not strong.  So, Hank had trouble coming.  As a matter of fact, Hank could barely ever come during sex.

He’d have to jerk it off in the bathroom after she went to sleep.

There’s other dangers of masturbation.  Hank is a rare case, but there’s other dangers of masturbation, and this one being one of the biggest.

It’s the man who can’t hold back his orgasm.

You see, when you masturbate non-stop —

And you’re constantly masturbating —

Guess what happens.  You’re not able to do what?  You’re not able to have an orgasm.  You’re not able to control yourself with women.

What happens is, is that you — when you do have sex with a woman, you can’t control yourself at all. You can’t control anything that you’re doing. You can’t control your orgasms. So then when you start having sex with her, you’re so used to masturbating all the time, that the second you’re in there you become known as minute man.

You become the guy that literally can’t stay in.

You literally start cumming a minute after sex. And you’ve trained yourself so well over all these years, that it takes a lot of patience and a lot of work on your partner to get you to even last.

I’m not against masturbating. I think every guy should masturbate maybe once or twice a week to kind of clean the pipes and get rid of some of that energy. But most of the time masturbation really is not exactly something you should be doing that often. It depletes your chi. It makes you tired. And it also makes you lazy. I know a lot of guys that have masturbated a lot and they just — it’s so much easier to masturbate than it is to go and pursue something with a woman. So what happens is they get lazy in pursuing anything with a woman.

Masturbation is something that you need to really monitor.