the crazy world of textingI’m going to say something right now that I think is one of the most ridiculous things in the entire world.

Nobody ever picks up the phone.

It’s almost like you jump when your phone rings, it’s almost like you’re scared to actually pick up the phone. Because it might be somebody you could actually talk to.

There are days when you exchange numbers in dating, you actually text somebody “Hey is this a good time to speak?”

Because nobody ever wants to pick up the phone. Yet women nonstop complain about wanting to talk on the phone.

And that’s why I’ve said it for years.

Women are complete contradictions.

They say one thing and mean another.

Women complain constantly about men never picking up the phone and only texting. Yet, when you call them on the phone, the never pick up and they text you back.

We live in a world where texting has become so convenient because it allows us to not speak to somebody. It’s a barrier. It’s another wall we need to climb in order to get in touch with somebody.

It used to be really fun. I remember I used to meet women in New York City, back when I was a young man.

I’d get a phone number and put the right phone number on the back of a matchbook over, or a slip of paper. I had hoped that my bad handwriting was well read.

I remember I met this girl and she was absolutely gorgeous. I wrote down her phone number, and I was so nervous when I was getting her phone number that I actually wrote down the number. So what did I do on a Sunday? I called up a variation on what that number could be until finally I got her answering machine and left a voice mail message.

She got back to me the very next day.

You can’t do things like that anymore. It’s a matter of fact that, if you call somebody more than once, they think you’re out of your mind. They think you’re crazy for actually calling them.

You’ve got to through the text lieutenant. That’s right, the iPhone.

I call the iPhone the text lieutenant. It’s that little device that protects somebody from actually communicating and talking to you. It’s a lieutenant in every way, shape and form. It stops us from actually talking and keeps everything from just being so scheduled.

We’re scheduled in every aspect of our life. We’re scheduled in life, and business, and everything. So the next time you meet somebody and they actually call you, maybe pick up the phone. Because it’s exciting to actually go and talk to somebody new. Because that’s what we all want. Texting is way overrated.