Man, marketing sometimes is complete horse shit.

I don’t know about you, but aren’t you sick and tired of webinars.

I’m so tired of webinars, I’m going to tell you why.

Every single webinar that you sign up for, for every single webinar that’s coming up, they will go through the same three step process.

They’ll get you to sign up.

They’ll tell you there are limited spaces.

They’ll send you another e-mail, reminding you, telling you that there are limited spaces on this webinar.

They’ll tell you things like the last time we did this some people couldn’t get in.

Those are the e-mails that lead up to the actual webinar.  Then after the webinar, you’ll always see this e-mail.

Man, the guru, add the name of whatever guru it is.

Is going to do a replay tonight for all of you because the server crashed.

And because the server crashed, he or she is going to get back on right now, hurry, join in and he’ll give you a replay.

Man, the server crashed.  I’ve heard that one many times.

Or there were so many people on that last one.


Complete bullshit.

You want to know why?  Because it makes no sense that they would have a server that couldn’t get everybody on.

Unless they were a novice and that novice didn’t know what they were doing, so they were cheap and only got a certain amount of slots.

Anybody who has promoted it, put ads on it, the server doesn’t crash.  That’s just bullshit to get you to feel like you’re missing out on something.

It’s incredible.  Limited space only.

He is getting back on and doing the webinar again. Bullshit.

The webinar is being recorded so all they have to do is put it up on a link and you can go do it anytime you want.

Then they play this game too.  They have what they call an evergreen webinar.

One that just sits back and you can literally play at any time.  But no.

They want to make it look like it’s going on for real.

They make you pick a time to be there for the webinar, which I understand because people are flaky, so you commit to a time and then they send you a series of e-mails to commit to a time, telling you this is your only chance.  When in reality, you can sign up for that webinar 100 times and never show up because it’s just a replay.  But there is a marketing game that makes you feel like if you commit to it, and then you don’t show up, and then they tell you, you didn’t commit to it, you feel guilty.  So it guilts you into going in but in reality there’s a lot of times that the webinar is recorded. I just want to watch the webinar whenever I want because I know that it’s already recorded.

And I don’t need to be policed into making me believe that it’s not recorded.

It’s incredible, all the BS that goes on in the marketing game just to get your money out of your pocket.

People do that because they want your money.  They want your money now.  They need your money now.

So many games to sell a product, they tell you there’s only 13 left.

The next time you get stuck in the webinar thing, and let’s not even talk about the webinars that never give you enough information, they just basically give you minimal information.  They feed you, they stroke you, and then they make you want to go buy more.  That’s the whole point.

I get it, people need to make money, but wow, everybody is doing webinars.  There’s on demand webinars.  There’s companies that teach you how to do the webinar.
We are being webinared to death.
We used to be e-mail marketed stuff, now we’re being webinared stuff, and webinars are not going to last forever.
The next time you hear all the sales stuff, chuckle, laugh.  Realize they’re just trying to sell you, which you probably know anyway, but still.  Just laugh at the stupidity that they use because it will make you feel better whether you buy or not.