Every day someone will send me an email asking this question:

When is the right time to have sex and how do I know if I am doing it at the right time?

I am going to answer this in a way that you may not expect. The right time to have sex is when you feel that it is right.

No one in the field of dating should ever tell you when to have sex. There are several people in my industry who give advice to females that is totally manipulative and wrong.

There is one author, a newbie, or what I would call a ‘Wanna-Be Expert’ with no credentials that actually tells women that they should not have sex until they are dating a man for six months! That is ridiculous and manipulative.

Anyone who gives advice that is manipulative should find a new line of work. Here’s why . . .

Say you wait six months to have sex with a man or woman, and develop a great friendship and fall in love. Sounds great right?

But what if you have sex and find out that they you have no sexual chemistry with that person. You just don’t move well together and you find out that you have different ways of liking sex.

Look, you may have foreplay for six months but still until your bodies move together you will never know what the sex is like. People can tell you all day long that they love sex but until you get them naked and in the bedroom you will never know the truth!

If you want to have sex with someone than go for it. If you sleep with someone on the first date, just make sure that the two of you are mature about it and can talk about other things besides how much you want to bone each other.

There are no statistics that will back up the idea that waiting for sex will lead to a long lasting relationship. I know plenty of couples that have been together for years that had sex on the first date.

It is all about knowing with what you feel comfortable. Sex is a very important part of a relationship and the chemistry has to be there in order to sustain the relationship.

So, there are no rules when it comes to sex. Enjoy it and let it happen naturally.

One last thing:

Stop buying manipulative books that teach you ways to manipulated people into a relationship or bed! There are no shortcuts to dating.

If you want to date and meet great people you need to learn the art of conversation and listening. There is no magic pill.

I teach the art of conversation and listening, the only two things you need to meet all the men and women you desire to date! If you use manipulative techniques, you will be exposed!!!

If you are curious on who this author is above email me, I do not bash people in this blog but will share her website when you email me.