Do you ever ask a man to rub your shoulders because they ache?

Do you ask him after sex?

Then you may have heard him mumble something about being tired before rolling over.

You want to know why? It’s because most men are done after they ejaculate.

Sure, you may have been lucky and found a man that does yoga and practices semen retention and can have just as many orgasms as you can…

…but most men aren’t that able.

Most men really don’t want to do anything after sex.

If you want a massage, ask us before we ejaculate. We’ll still have energy.

You want us to do the dishes, ask us before sex—we’ll do the dishes.

You want us to go shopping with you all day long, ask us before sex, because we’ll have the energy.

But afterwards? We go into a haze—call it a man haze. We just want to kick back and get our balls scratched and our head rubbed. You can throw in a good snuggle and a little bit of kissing.

But not a lot of kissing.

We like to kiss during sex, but after sex, kissing should be minimal also—too much activity.

A little kissing is good after sex, but we don’t have the same gusto as you do because we can’t recharge our batteries as quickly. We didn’t just have seven orgasms; we had one big one.

So, kissing, massages, shopping, dinner, doing the dishes, taking out the garbage—let’s get it all done before sex, shall we?