Hi ladies,

You ask me all the time what are some of the best places to meet that uber-successful man.

You know, the guy that can afford anything he wants.

The guy that drives a Mercedes or BMW.

The guy that probably golfs on the weekend.

The guy that might be 45 but still looks like he’s 25.

You want to go meet men?  Go to a steakhouse.

That’s where men go to be amongst themselves.

Here’s the deal: uber-successful men will go to Morton’s with this attitude:

“Yeah, let’s meet at Morton’s. We’ll grab a bottle of wine and we’ll get a cigar afterwards. For now, I want a porterhouse. We’ll spend $1,000 among five of us. We’ll talk about our business conquests.”

And then you walk in with your friends.

They’re not expecting you at all that night.  What they’re expecting to do is to brag amongst themselves, talk about their business plans, talk about the money they’re making and to try to order the most expensive steak and outdo one another.

And you walk in.  You want the alpha guy of the group, the guy that’s the leader of the pack, he’s going to come running right over to you because it’s going to be all about a conquest.

Because that’s what steakhouses are.  They’re all about males sharing conquests.

So you can basically become the bait for his next conquest.

Don’t take that in a negative way.  He can conquest you to be his girlfriend, conquest you to be his wife.  But the bottom line is, successful men love the conquest.

So show up where they’re slaying each other with stories and you’ll find a perfect opportunity as a woman to meet great men.

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