If the last time you had sex was before the clock struck midnight to welcome in the new year, it’s time to think about having a weekend fling. Most of the time I’m giving advice to men, teaching them how to succeed with women. This advice, however, is for all of you. If you’re a man or a woman who has not had some good recreational sex in the last six months, and your only friends have been your hands and your battery-operated boyfriends, then it’s really time for some close,
intimate contact.

Recently a client of mine asked me if she should reconnect with an old fling, and my advice to her was that spending a weekend with him might take the edge off so the rest of her dating search might go a lot more smoothly. I’m a firm believer in recreational sex. Recreational sex enables you to enjoy yourself physically with another person, but also takes all the pressure off of dating. After a weekend of orgasms you will feel far more relaxed, and then when you go out and date you won’t have that desperate air about you.

Don’t be Paris Hilton and film your ‘Weekend in Paris.’ Just enjoy yourself. Sex is something that is truly fun and, as George Michael used to say, best when it’s ‘one-on-one’. Hehe. If Justin Timberlake can find his SexyBack, you can certainly get your sexy back as well.

Ok, I’m done. I swear.

‘Till next time.