Women By David Wygant

I woke up this morning next to a beautiful woman and had these thoughts to share with you.

Think about this: there’s a woman that you’re friends with and she convinces you to go on a blind date. How many times has that happened?

Or, your woman friend is throwing a party, and she says that all of her good-looking friends are going to be there. You go to the party, and you look around, and you say to her, “well where are all of your good-looking friends?” and she says, “they’re all here!”

This biggest clue that men can take from this is that women basically think all of their friends are beautiful. That’s what they do: they look from the inside out – while men look from the outside in.

This is something that men don’t grasp. If you look at the way women think about their friends, you might not find them appealing, but women find them incredibly sexy and beautiful.

Basically, it’s the same exact thing when women look at a man. You can never compare yourself to other guys, because women will look at you from the inside out. They don’t know that they’re attracted to you until they meet you. That’s what is phenomenal.