why men don't listenHave you ever… Oh what a powerful statement.

Have you ever been with somebody who consistently moves back in time?

It’s like they want to time travel backwards instead of forward.  The backward time traveler is someone who doesn’t see things as they are now.  A lot of women tend to be backward time travelers. I’m going to share a story with you. One of my closest friends I was in business with a long, long time ago.

When I left, this is some time in the 90s, he looked at me and said, “Don’t leave me.” He said, “We can build an amazing business here. I need your financial savvy. I’m not great with money, and if you stay, things will be amazing.

Over the next 20 years, my friend’s business went up, down, and all around. Eventually, it went out of business. There were times in his life he made a lot of money, and times he owed a lot of money.  When all was done and said, I ended up losing money with him. It was okay. I made a choice. I chose to invest. It didn’t work out.

As our friendship grew even more, he started to pay me back. We’d never talk about the past. We just let it go. There were times I said “Hey, you sure you can pay me back this month. Is everything okay?” He says, “Yeah. I’m fine.”

We move forward. We repaired the relationship. We’re actually amazing friends.  We don’t talk about what happened over the past 20 years. We don’t even talk about the day he called me up and told me I lost money. We move forward. I don’t blame him. He doesn’t blame me. We both made choices. That same type of scenario with a woman, could be entirely different.

Some women, like to go back and talk about the event. Imagine, if I went to my friend and I said to him, I said, “Do you really not have money to pay me back this month.” And he’d look to me and said, “It’s your fault.” 

“I told you 21 years ago not to leave me. If you didn’t leave me, none of this would have happened. My money would’ve been in the bank. Your money would’ve been in the bank. We would’ve made money together.” 

Men are more logical, less emotional. But as a woman, sometimes you’re like an immovable wall. If a relationship ends, and you try to reconcile, a woman will go back and say, look at the choice you made.

This is why things are like they are today. The decisions we made years ago — are things that happened years ago. Yes, they set off a chain of events that changed the relationship, the dynamic between two people. But as time goes on we forget, we move forward. We’re not fighting about what happened years ago. There is no reason for it. As a man we make concrete decisions and go forward, we take the emotions out of it. A woman holds onto those emotions, she holds onto hurt for longer. We’re wired differently.

When two men have a falling out, it is easy for them to go forward and restart the relationship. The problem for a man and a woman, comes when the man wants to move forward and show what he’s about now. A woman will remember that disastrous day years ago years ago, when the man left, or when he cheated. Whatever he did to hurt her.

The fact is you need to move forward. You need to stop holding onto your old wounds. All the grudges, all the anger. Time traveling is not healthy. You’re never going to be able to fix a relationship, by going over what happened in the past. You need to fix the relationship in the present, to look at the man standing in front of you. You can’t do that if you continually go back in time. It’s just one of the ways men and women communicate differently. Want to understand exactly how men think, act, and feel?

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