You: “I was just thinking about you . . . “

Her: “Really? What were you thinking about?”

You: “Last night. The Conversation that we had was really incredible.”

Her: “I was thinking the same thing. What was your favorite part?”

And there you have it. You have started a very intriguing text conversation in the middle of the day.

There is, however, a problem with texting. People misuse it as a substitute for conversation.

Guys will get a phone number from a woman, and what do they so often do wrong? Ah, you will need to listen to today’s podcast to find out.

Today’s podcast is all about the art of texting. It is just a quick primer on texting “do’s and don’ts,” and about how to properly use texting when it comes to dating. I find a lot of people misuse and overuse texting.

You don’t want to be a texter your entire life, because good communication involves a lot of other things besides texting. See you all on the podcast!


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