erection problemsErectile Dysfunction!

It’s a problem for men all over the world, but I noticed that there isn’t a ton of information out there aimed at you ladies. What do you do if you’re in bed with a guy having erection problems? What are you supposed to say to him? How can you help him, and should you even try?

Here are 3 things you MUST know about erectile dysfunction/performance anxiety and your man…

1. It’s Nothing To Do With You!

One of the worst things you can do if you’re in bed with a man who can’t get an erection is to take it personally. Don’t jump to conclusions and start assuming he doesn’t find you attractive anymore or that he’s having an affair.

The chances are completely the opposite is true. What do I mean? When a man really desires a woman; when a man gets into bed with a woman he truly cares about, he’s desperate to please you. As men, we want to satisfy you sexually, and we want to be the best lover you’ve ever had. That in itself puts us under a ton of pressure. Some men can’t handle that and it comes out in the form of a flaccid penis!

Don’t get me wrong, some men have a medical condition or physical reason for having erectile dysfunction but a lot of men have performance anxiety which is something very different. We get stuck in our heads worrying whether we’ll “rise to the occasion” and the more we panic the harder it is (pardon the pun!) to get hard!

2. Take The Pressure Off Him

The minute you notice your man is struggling, instead of trying even harder to turn him on, break the moment and take him out of it. Look up at him and ask him if he wants to cuddle for a while instead. The more you try to get him hard, the more he’ll try and the worse his anxiety will be. Show him he doesn’t have to keep trying, and he’ll instantly relax.

The key here is to show understanding. You don’t need to make a big thing of it. The problem is obvious. Just smile and reassure him. The word here is to reassure, not patronize. There’s a sweet spot between the two you need to find.

3. Don’t Make Him Go Through An Autopsy

The last thing a man with erectile dysfunction or performance anxiety will want to do is make a big thing of it. If he wants to talk about it he’ll do it in his own time. Don’t push him for answers. Asking him if he’s feeling OK is fine, but don’t start digging around asking if he has work problems, or money problems. There could be a million reasons he couldn’t get hard.

If he wants to tell you in his own time, he will. It’s all about your actions rather than your words here. Let him know you’re fine with what’s happened and move on as quickly as you can. The quicker you relax him and get his mind off his penis, you’ll be amazed at how quickly he relaxes and his PENIS stiffens up!

In the video below, I explain all this in much more detail, and reveal some of my own problems with performance anxiety!