mila kunis super hot david wygantHow many of you have bought into the urban myth that you need to go on three dates with a woman before it’s time for sex?

Check out on an e-mail I got from Stephen:

Hi, David.

I just spent the night with a girl who doesn’t want to rush things. We’re both 23, in school, and it was our third night together. I’m conflicted because I want to be a man who makes his needs and desires known but I’m trying to convince her to have sex with me.

I’ve run into this problem before and I really don’t like the woman dictating the sexual pace of the relationship.

Let me know, David.


. . .

Here’s the deal, Stephen. I’ve talked about this plenty of times before. When a man goes into sex salesman mode, he’s giving his power away.

She knows she’s control all the power because when a guy goes into the sex salesman mode, a woman totally knows that you are insecure, fearful, and also afraid that she will never sleep with you.

And she will use it against you.

Here’s the deal: Be cool, man. That’s all it is. She doesn’t want to sleep with you, right now—it’s okay. Look at her directly in the eyes and say this:

“Hey, I totally understand you don’t want to rush things. It’s cool; we’ll slow down the pace. That’s alright with me.”

Or you can say, “Why don’t we just cuddle and snuggle?” and try do it without digging your erection into the crack of her ass the entire night because you can’t control yourself.

Control yourself. You say this has happened before.

So when she told you she didn’t want to rush things, I guarantee you that if we had an undercover video camera recording that moment, you had a look of disappointment in your eyes. She read that look of disappointment and immediately her vagina wilted as dry as a poinsettia does three weeks after Christmas because nobody ever seems to water them.

The next time a woman says this to you, you need to look at her directly and own your words and your feelings and say, “I totally understand. It’s perfectly okay, I’d love to just cuddle and get to know you. I don’t want to have sex to you until you’re 100% comfortable.”

By saying that and just by using that phrase, a lot of the times you’ll flip the sex switch in her.

Gentleman, it’s all about how you phrase things and it’s all about how you say things and it’s all about how you convey it with your eyes.

Hopefully this helps. For any of you that really have issues with it, I strongly suggesting you check out my sexual masters program. Tons of mind set and will flip her attraction switch instantly.