I think we need to start a new club. It’s called T.A. It stands for “Text-a-holics Anonymous.”

It seems like in today’s digital age, we’ve become like a bunch of second graders, constantly passing notes back and forth to each other in school. It’s amazing how many people are in my life right now that I never actually speak to. I just text them.

Now let me tell you, before I go deeper into this blog, I admit, sometimes I just text people instead of calling them. I am a definite text-a-holic. For some reason, I enjoy it. I’m not sure if I enjoy the constant conversation. Maybe I just like the way my fingers move on the screen. Maybe it’s a form of exercise for me. My hand muscles get stronger as a text more. But it’s killed all intimacy.

Now granted, texting gives you a great opportunity to have quick little conversations with people. It gives you the chance to set up dates and meetings, without having to pick up the phone. Texting is also a nice way to send little love notes. Remember, the love notes you’d pass to the boy you had a crush on in fifth grade? You’d write, “You’re so cute” on a piece of paper and give it to him. And then he’d pass a note back to you. It was good fun.

Texting is like the modern day carrier pigeon. Can you imagine if they hadn’t invented texting, we’d still be sending carrier pigeons off with our little love notes to each other.

The problem with texting is we’ve become too dependent on it. It’s become the be all and end all of communication. It’s taken the personal touch out of communication. If you get a message you don’t want to answer, you just ignore it. If someone asks you out, and you’re not in the mood, you just turn your phone off. Then a week later you start having another text conversation as if nothing happened. It’s like you’re just text buddies and nothing else.

How can we expect to connect properly with each other if we never hear each other’s voices anymore?

How can we build strong relationships if we can’t even be bothered to pick up the phone and have a good old conversation?

It’s time to start communicating properly again. I think it’s time we just stop texting each other, and start seeing each other. How does that sound?