I wrote a blog the other day about e-mails, texting, and so forth.  I’ve got to add to it.

For some odd reason—everyday, without fail—somebody will send me an email with no sentences.  It’s just a paragraph of run-on words.  Not only that, but the words aren’t even real words half the time.

Here’s an example sentence from a recent email:

“Sometimes I get my confidence boost n have tha tings to say.’

What does that even mean? And then you have the letter “n” there, just hanging out. ‘N’ doesn’t count as “and” people! It’s just ‘n.’

And the person who sent me this email is someone who sends me similar emails all the time.  They do it over and over again.

Then, there are the people that end every sentence with an ellipsis. You know what that is…it’s basically a series of periods that indicate…that your thoughts have trailed off or that there is more to come…or that a word is missing…and a lot of people will do this throughout the ENTIRE email…as if…words just come and go in their minds and they are not really sure where the sentence or paragraph is heading…

Now, I know that I’m not great at grammar.  I definitely always have my issues with “there” and “their”.   I’ve definitely been known to have issues with commas—I admittedly don’t always know where to put them.

I really can’t tell you what an adjective or an adverb is, or even a verb at times. But I do know how to make my emails look like I’ve actually gone to school for an hour.

Quite unlike the people that write emails to me with LOL in there or “hehe.”  What’s “hehe” and “LOL”?  Hehe’s are cute in a text.  LOL is fine in a text.  (Then again, you’re really not LOL’ing.  I guarantee that you’re rarely laughing out loud in the situation that you write LOL.)

And what’s up with you small typers?  The ones that have your font set at something ridiculous like “8 pt” and I have to enlarge it just to read it. I don’t understand that.

Or the rest of you—on AOL or some other ancient account—that don’t hit “reply” during email threads, so the body copy of the previous email is not in the new email. And then you’ll make a reference to something that you wrote in the previous email and expect to me know exactly what you’re referring to.


I get 500 emails a day; I have no idea what you said last week.

So for those of you that don’t use the incredibly valuable “reply” button, make sure that you start doing that in the future. That’s the great thing about an email conversation: you can see the chain of events and previous topics of conversation and refer to them.

Oh, and the next time you send someone an e-mail, turn spell check on.  Throw a few punctuations in there, and don’t use 16-year old girl texting grammar in an email to a professional.

This makes you look retarded.

There’s nothing wrong with being retarded if you’re actually retarded, I’ve got no problems with that.  I’ve got nothing against people that are retarded, but you have to really be retarded.  And I know the majority of you are not.

So let’s all work to improve our email game. A little grammar and punctuation go a long way.

I mean, do you guys agree with me or what? Let me know in the comments.

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