It’s a known fact that women are turned on by men who have powerful voices. They are turned on by men whose voices command attention and are delivered strongly.

A lot of men have soft voices. They get nervous and their voice becomes soft. The problem is that if your voice is soft, women will not be turned on by that.

People are always turned on by whatever they’re not. So if you’re soft spoken or if people say “What?” a lot when you speak, it means that your voice is too soft spoken. If your voice is too soft-spoken, then you are not going to create that powerful attraction you want to create with women.

That is the kind of powerful attraction you want to create right away when you meet a woman. When you have a really strong voice, you create that powerful attraction immediately when you meet a woman because you have a commanding energy.

So if you are currently too soft-spoken, how do you change that? One thing you need to do is record your voice and listen to it. When you hear, ask yourself whether you would stop if someone spoke to you in that tone of voice.

Listen to your voice and to the way it sounds. Does it sound strong? Does it sound commanding? Does it sound clear? Are you able to hear and understand every word?

If people say “What?” to you a lot when you’re talking, then chances are that the answer to these questions is no. If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you need to work on your voice.

Take a speech class to work on creating a powerful and commanding voice tone, or just practice until you can do that. However you get there, it’s time that you tap into the power of your voice.