Let me ask you a few questions. When you’re at a friend’s house and you use his restroom, do you pee all over the floor? Do you leave the water running after you’ve washed your hands? Do you dry your hands on his guest towel, and then throw it on the floor?

I am guessing (or maybe more hoping) that the answer is absolutely not. It always amazes me, though, how disgusting it is in so many public restrooms. Really, they are repulsive.

I don’t know about you, but I have to go into some type of yoga pose in order to be able to pee in a public restroom. I don’t want the bottom of my sneakers touching 4,000 other people’s piss!

Do people do this in their own bathrooms? No, but it seems like there’s urine everywhere in public restrooms!

You go into a public restroom to take a dump, and all of a sudden you become the maid. You have to clean the toilet seat off because there is always urine all over it. There are puddles of urine everywhere.

It is absolutely repulsive. People are animals.

Have you ever been in an airplane bathroom? You know you left that little present in the bottom of the bowl. You could have flushed it! If hygiene or courtesy doesn’t inspire you, think about getting to hear the cool flushing noise of an airport toilet.

People leave those kind of presents all over the place . . . and it isn’t even Christmas! I just don’t understand why people act like animals in public restrooms.

So let me ask all of you this: What is the grossest thing you have seen in a public restroom and why? I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours. I guarantee, my story is grosser than anything you can ever imagine!