Take advantage of where you live. We tend to not take advantage of the things around us.

I remember that while I lived in New York City, I never went to the theater. Never. I didn’t really take advantage of the museums either.

Even though I don’t really like the theater or museums that much, it is still unbelievable that I didn’t take advantage of them at all while I lived there. I did take advantage of the restaurants and other things, but you get the idea.

Now I live on the beach. I remember before I moved here and I lived in Brentwood (which is about 20 minutes from the beach), I used to drive down to the beach three or four nights a week to do my cardio, get some air and get grounded.

Now that I live on the beach, I never want to walk the beach at night. I never even walk it during the day. I just look at it.  It’s pretty.  It’s beautiful.  It’s lovely, but I don’t take advantage of it like I used to before it was right in my backyard.

It seems like we never take advantage of the things that are right in our own backyards. This is, however, something I want all of you to start doing.

I want you to write down ten things in your hometown or the nearby area that are amazing. Then I want you to write down things in your hometown you don’t take advantage of and why.

What stops you? Are you lazy? Do you make excuses?

Do you find other things to do, or do you just take these things for granted that they are always going to be there? Stop taking things for granted and start enjoying every single day what is right in your own backyard.