True story: when I was younger, I actually counted the amount of money I’d have to shell out to get laid. I figured hey, it’s an investment, right? So let’s see how much I’m getting back on my investment.

Think about that. All the money you spend on drinks and nightclubs and bar tabs and clothes and cologne… the list goes on.

I called it CPL, Cost-per-Load. How much money you have to spend just to blow your load. CPL = $/Sex.

Obviously I’ve matured since then (mostly… I’ll let you be the judge).

But I’m also 1000x more experienced in dating and approaching and seduction and everything I talk to you guys about on a daily basis. And I’ve realized that you really don’t have to spend money to meet women.

I’m going to bring your CPL down to $0. And you know what else, what I’m going to tell you works so much better than all the drinks and clothes you could buy in the world. You can spend $5k in a single night and then go home and jerk off.

Or, you could follow this advice and go home with a beautiful woman without spending a dime. Watch below:

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